Birdy: Where am I now?
2001-04-30 22:06:34 (UTC)

Alone...confused and alone

So, today I went to the doctors. He told me what I already
knew, gave me some cream for a rash and sent me on my way.
No insoline medicine. Nothing. Well, I have to go to a
specialist and this hospital I have to go to is so booked
and far away. I can't afford to miss school now, not with
the regents ahead.
Softball was fun today. The bus ride home was really fun.
Liz, Heather, Jaime and I sreamed and waved out the window
at this really really hot guy and he laughed, and made
faces and waved back. That may not seem like much, but it's
a whole lot when your as ugly as I am.
I talked to Steve today. He is so cute and sweet. He
plays baseball, so tommorow we'll ride the same bus. I want
him to sit with me. I'll ask him if he will tommorow. I saw
Jeremy today, twice. The first time he came into Mrs.
Crook's room during free period and he smiled at me. Then,
I saw him in the hall when I was going out to catch my ride
after practice. He didn't speak to me or even glance my
way. Oh well, right.
Well, I gotta go. One more miserable day over, a whole
lifetime to go...hopefully.