I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-02-18 19:58:44 (UTC)

Snare Drum

Did you know that I've always wanted to learn to play the
drums? Well, I had forgotten as well, but my mom bought me
a (used) snare drum on saturday!! How cool is that?!?! I'm
so excited! My brother is teaching me the little that he
knows, which is way more than I know, so it works out. I'm
so happy!! It's so fun!! I can do a drumroll now. Yay!!!

In other news, Pete is good. I know, I'm a fool in love.
Deal. I'm so happy. I really am. I'm also very suprised. I
never expected someone like him. It's really amazing. We
also have visitors for a couple of days. The first thing
that happened as they were leaving was they hit the
neighbor's car in the street. That's one hell of a way to
introduce yourself to the neighborhood. Oh well. It's
gorgeous today. A bit chilly, but good nonetheless. Did I
tell you that I am in love? Probably. :) I love Pete. Geez,
I'm such a dork. But when you're in love, who cares?