Mysterious Attitude
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2001-04-30 21:11:36 (UTC)

Monday Arpil 30, 2001

3:46 pm

~~~Yesterday April 29,2001~~~

I got up at 230 with my uncle askin me if I wanted to go
with Renee,Joe, and Justin to the carnival... I was like
hell yeah..so I got up got ready in like 15 mins and they
came to pick me up... as soon as I got in the car I almost
had an heartattack cuz Joe had no shirt on... He is such a
hottie... hehe... We had to go pick up Bear's mom cuz she
was payin for Justin and Joe.... so we got over there and
she wasn't ready...so we all went to get sumthing to eat
(which was a very bad idea)... then we picked up Bear's mom
and drove to the carnival.... Me, Joe, and Justin all got
braclets which allowed us to ride as many rides as we
wanted... We went on this ride called Krazy Surf first....
and guess who had to sit in the middle of Joe n Justin?¿
Me!!! lol... They were acting like they were mental or
sumthing.. I was like omg I don't know them.... lol Then we
went on this swing sorta ride... and Justin sat behind me..
and he kept hittin my seat with his... I was like damn quit
it... lol I mean we were high in the sky and all this...
then we all started to sing... "I Believe I Can Fly" lol....
(yeah we r krazy what can I say?¿)the next ride we got on
was the Tornado... and I tell u... Joe and Justin was turin
the wheel so fast.. we were like spinnin in cirles.. I was
goin to kill them... lol the guy who was runnin the ride
was like U Guyz are krazy cool.... Lol... and the last ride
that I went on was the Gravity... we rode that 2 times..
and I got sick as hell.. So I went back to the car to chill
with Renee... and like 10 minutes later Joe and Justin came
walkin towards the car holdin their stomachs... lol So
yeah.. all 3 of us got sick.... So I deciced to go home
with them on the way there I told Justin to put his arm
around me.. lol and as soon as he did it..Joe was like well
Justin what do U have a new gurlfriend now?¿ I think he got
a lil jealous.. hehe lol... and when I got there me and
Bear played sum Golf in their backyard... and I took sum
picutes of Joe and his gurlfriend Ce Ce plantin flowers....
At like 730 Renee cooked and we all ate....and I called my
pager to see if anyone had paged me... Louie did.. So I
called him and he wasnt home.. So I just chilled around
Renee's house... and at like 9 sumthin I called Lou again
and talked to him for a few minutes.. and Renee was like
well we gotta take u home now.. So I got to sit like almost
on Joe all the way home in the car... yay!!! lol.... I got
home... called Lou again.. but his roomate answered the
phone and was like askin me all these questions.... He
wouldn't give Lou the phone :( So I talked to him until
like 12:30...which was like 2 hours... and I tell u.. he
was makin me think I was krazy.... he had me thinking that
everything me and Lou had talked bout was a lie... I almost
started crying and everything... damn him... lol lol He
finally told me that he did that cuz I had to be cocky and
say "No one has really been able to get in my mind and get
me confused" well he did lol.... then I went to bed at like


So far today is boring.. all I did was go to school...
come home listen to music.... and get online and I'm like
soo sore from riding them ridez...So I guess I will go 4
now.. cuz I have nothing else to say really and this chair
is hurtin my ass lol... bye bye 4 now