Ämberz lil wonda land
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2001-04-30 20:22:31 (UTC)


ok,so i lied i do have things to talk bout ,but really its
pointless,theres this guy lets call him guy 1, i wanted to
get back with. we broke up over peddy shit just around 6
months ago.and then theres this other guy we'll call him
guy2 i'd also wanna get with.thing is guy1 is the one i
wanna get back with more then anything,and i cant because i
know that what the answer would be already.and then theres
the lil facts that we just might not make it ,ya know?
but with guy 2 im sure things will be fine,but how do you
stay with someone just all dany and happy when theres with
out a doubt another guy on your mind?this why i broke up
with guy2 in the first wasnt fair to him,and then the fights
well they just brought more shit on,and most of it i really couldnt
handle, then ppl are telling me that
i need to get my head back together and get back with who i
want ,like its just so damn easy huh,but when you go and
give them advise for what ever it may be, automaticly
dont undastand jack shit, whats that make
them ,..einstein?
then theres the ppl who get into your shit for no apparent
reason what so eva, except that lil plot to piss the hell
out of you.i had a friend do that once,a matter of fact it
wasnt that long ago. she emailed guy1 with all bullshit
about breaking up with started a huge fight @lunch
hmm,...well ok i know this shit happened along time ago,its just that
i was thinking about it b4,and there was no one around to talk to
really,so i decided to just type it out i need to go,
luv amber