My Life
2002-02-18 17:46:33 (UTC)


Hi my name is Courtney N. and I am 13 years old I am the
youngest of most of my friends. I have blonde hair, Blue
eyes I am also about 5 foot 5 or 6 inches somthing like
that ok a little bit about myself I love to play basketball
and hang out with my friends go to the movies (which is
what we are doing today "crossroads") and during the summer
I love to goto Krystal River Water Park. Now to the better
stuff not really but who cares! My 2 best friends are Randi
and Emily evn though I know there more of friends just by
themselves and my other good friend Jessica is going to the
movies today! The movie Starts at 1:45pm lol! All my
friends call me a blonde but who would have guessed that
b/c my hair is blonde and I died blonde again last night he
he he but ne ways My other Pretty good friend is Danielle
(Dani) for short she has had a pretty rough love life if
ask me actually I would say a pretty hard life in general!
But ne ways for ne one who I missed you know you are still
awesome until my next entry though I better go it's getting
close to movie time!!!

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