hello kitty cat
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2002-02-18 17:45:49 (UTC)

So this girl walks into this room..and there's this room this girl is in...and this girl is in this room

So this weekend was quite interesting…Friday was typical…I
actually got sick and ended up falling asleep really early.
Saturday I ended up getting in this really icky fight with
Jason…it sucked. We have some communication issues I guess.
Hopefully that problem is over. I cried all that night
though…I really hope it never happens again. Then Sunday
Jason had to work all day…I went to Katy's…we ate
stirfry..but she was kinda upset..and I was so worn out for
the night before we just kinda lounged around. That night
Jason and I ended up going to System of a Down with this guy
Victor. He's a cool guy. It was a really great show for not
being up front. Clutch was kinda bad…but I guess they were
pretty OK for the type of music they play. This morning was
pretty terrible..I felt so nasty from last night..I feel a
little sick and I didn't get any sleep so I slept all first
period. Joselin has been pissing me off lately. All of a
sudden she's trying to be all insightful and shit…it's all
crap of course. Katy said it's because of some book she's
reading…but frankly I can't stand to be around her at the
moment…she's so concerned with who she is seen with, she's
so fake. I don't feel comfortable talking to her anymore.
She's being a huge hypocrite…her and Sam make me want to's so sad. They both are so lost. The sad thing
about Sam is he actually thinks that the reason why Joselin
and him broke up is because I basically brainwashed her. I'm
tired of trying with those two. Sam just molds himself to
whatever image seems convenient and Joselin just wants
someone to love her. It's just..if you could hear the things
she says…. Her speech pattern is a replica of Katy's …and
she just goes on and on about stupid shit thinking she's
being insightful. She repeats what people say in a different
way and acts like she's making a point that's never been
made before. I'm so done with all these people….I need to
meet some people that don't have a problem with being honest
..and don't have a problem with being who they are.