Anne Fox
2002-02-18 15:43:42 (UTC)

Any way you want it....(I try again)

Three day weekends are the life!
Though iwish that i wasnt afraid to lay out, i think its
still too cool, but its pretty damn sunny.
I am so excited that tonight is the Jimmy Buffett concert.
Saturday night was the night parade- what a bust, bad bad
Friday night we went to the fair and we are not fair people!
Yesterday Marissa and Drew and JB's little brother came
over, and once more I am so thankful that I don't go to
public school.
Although maybe i do, because i hate Berkeley Prep!
Berkeley Prep, making smart kids dumb and dumber each and
every day.
Speaking of school, I have ridiculous amounts of work to
do. I must pass english to graduate!
I was filling out my housing application to Tulane the
other day, what the hell?
I really want to go to Emory thats just weird cuase Brice
strickland goes there.
I hate rowing so much, its make me want to die.

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