2002-02-18 15:30:33 (UTC)

you look so stupid-happy in love

blahhhh... im sleepy its only 1030 we still have a whole
day ahead of us and it feels like we've been doing this
forever... spring breaks almost here i wana go on a road
trip so we can do something really fun and not get bored
like this...

well today was okay... im adding on now... i made a sale at work...
im talking to richard on the phone... i feel bad cus he called me at
work but when i got home he was asleep and now i've kept him awake
for over an hour... and we're talking about how much people suck and
how i have shitty relationship skills and how we have the most fun
when we just chill and dont do anything... he makes me feel better
about stuf he makes everything seem so simple and easy, even though
its not and hes so nice to me and always tells me im a great person
even though i know i suck and hes talking about our apartment when we
move out and he makes me feel better but i think i make him feel
worse even though he says no cus i make him think about stuf you know
and thinking about stuf sucks.
my mom said maybe i can keep claudias cat for her for awhile the one
adam got her for valentines day in case i didnt write about that...
i really suck at all this. its really starting to make me feel like
shit i will never be good at it and i dont know how to take care of
well i guess i'll go to bed cus things arent looking so good here
where i have to think about stuf