this is me
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2002-02-18 14:17:24 (UTC)

Tina S-Club and a haiku about filing

why does everyone think tina from s-club 7 is the ugly one?
she's not. i think she's the prettiest. i suppose it's
only personal opinion.

i'm still at work. i actually did do a lot of that filing
this morning. and i'll probably do some more this afternoon
after i procrastinate a little bit more...

i wrote a haiku about filing the other day. i sent it to
mel but she didn't reply. too busy with filing of her own i
think. anyway, here it is:

one drawer at a time
unending piles of paper
there is always more

i think post-it notes are ace. they rock my world. they
probably shouldn't really, i might fall off. but its a risk
i'm willing to take.

love you xx