Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-04-30 18:01:00 (UTC)

The First Steps

After last night's entry, I went to my room and stared at
the ceiling for a while, thinking about things. After I
calmed down a little bit, I decided to try some self-
hypnosis to relax myself. (I've only recently been
introduced to the idea, but I would recommend it to
anyone. It's not difficult at all and you would be amazed
at how relaxed, yet alert, you feel once you've finished.)
Afterwards, I felt wonderful and I slept very peacefully.

Upon waking up, I decided that I needed today off just to
get myself collected again. As you can see from my
previous entry, I am feeling much better, and I have made
some new resolutions to myself. I will get through this,
and I will become a better person. I will become
healthier, more attractive, and more refined. After last
night and this morning, I definitely think that I will make
self-hypnosis a regular part of my life, along with this

I have decided that for the month of May, I will give up
chocolate and meat other than chicken. (I have done the
vegetarian thing before, and I loved it, so this is not a
self-starvation thing.) My goal is to lose 25 pounds and
feel healthier by the time I start college, which is in a
little less than 4 months away. I can do it, and I will!