this is me
2002-02-18 09:45:30 (UTC)

oops i did it again

well that wasn't a good start was it... this time i'll keep
it going i promise.

i think its important to have a web presence these days. so
i have a homepage now, at
i haven't put in a link to here yet, but i will, and i think
that will be enough to make me keep this whole diary thing

i had the most bizarre experience on saturday. i was
walking back up through town to get the bus, and i suddenly
had this really dreadful, ominous feeling. like something
truly terrible was going to happen. it was very vague
though... i didn't know what was going to happen or to who,
just that it was going to be catastrophically bad. i didn't
know whether i was going to get hit by a bus, or see a bus
come off the road and plough into a crowd of people on the
pavement. maybe someone in my family or close friends was
going to die, or a 'plane was going to crash into a city.
it could have been that a tidal wave was going to destroy a
coastal town in some foreign land with enormous loss of
life, or a meteor would hit the earth and cause the complete
anihilation of all mankind! i travelled home with this
total sense of dread, it was horrible.

but then, a few hours later and just as quickly as it came
on, it went away again and i felt fine. i think i scared
steve though. it was so wierd.

anyway, that was the only really different part of the
weekend. i didn't do much the last couple of days. chilled
out, started the website, went to see lord of the rings
again last night. its a much better film when you see it a
decent distance back from the screen. when i saw it the
first time i was in the third row, and much of its
magnificance was lost.

and here i am back at work, waiting for jonathan to arrive
and give me something to do. strange as it may seem, putting
the filing cabinets in chronological order just doesn't
appeal right now...

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