Book of the Purple Faerie
2002-02-18 08:14:17 (UTC)

Melancholy 2

Yep and it cut off text again... so here's the rest of my

At least he's coming to visit soon! That's always fun! I
hope he comes up for the next year! Our party will be
complete! Noodle, Neechan, Chief, they'd all be here!
QUESTS!!! It'd rock!

*sigh* I'm glad Valentine's Day is over, but I'm still
feeling the affects. Sure I had a Valentine technically,
but... I really want my Ferio... I had a lot of weird
dreams last night... In one we were on a skiing trip (I've
never skiied in my life!) and these weird things were going
on! And this guy kidnapped Holly!! Dream me was scaling a
snowy hill and screaming bloody murder, and when she got to
the top, the man said that Holly could released if I turned
myself over to him. In responce, I grabbed Holly and threw
all my weight backwards, and we fell down the hill. I also
dreamed that while trying to give CPR to someone (? I know,
I'm saying WTF too), my 'victim', whom I've just recalled
we found in the shower and suspected of drowning, (yet was
fully clothed...) sat up and gave me a peck on the lips. It
was quite charming! I won't say who my victim was
though, 'cause it's embarassing. Let's just say it's no one
who exists in real life.

Well, I'm bushed, my philosophy paper is done (but not
printed), and Beth, whose description got cut off from my
last entry o.O) is asleep! So it's time for bed! Goodnight
world, bring me another fun dream tonight!

Oh my Sandman...