Book of the Purple Faerie
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2002-02-18 08:13:08 (UTC)


*sigh* Weird. No sooner than 15 minutes after the stroke of
midnight and I'm having an Ugly Day.

I hate those mother fuckers. They always come and ruin a
perfectly good thing! Take for example this weekend! It was
a pretty cool weekend! I hung out and played D&D with my
friends and had junk food and ice cream and McDonald's! We
had a blast! I even got to game master my RP, which we
haven't done offically in over a year! I COULD have
finished my homework by 1 AM! I know I could! But NO! I had
to go and have an Ugly Day! It's so fucking hard to work
when you're having an Ugly Day.

When I think about what must have brought it on, it must
have been the zit. I got a painful zit right under my nose,
and it's IRRITATING! About 20 minutes ago I finally when
and popped the sucker, but damnit, it kept me in AGONY for
the span of 2 days! I hate imperfection (too bad I'm
saddled with so many). Then I was talking to my neechan
(little sister, though Heather is by and far only 'little'
in age, being that she's a good 6 inches taller than me and
nearly an entire cup size. Life's not fair). And it seems
she had been practicing bulimia for the past two days,
which worried the living FUCK out of me! She said she's
stopped because it affects her singing voice, but it's SO
unhealthy, I'm really worried! She's my precious baby
sister! I want her to be happy! And she wants to be a
threatre major SO badly... I hope we can work something out
(her parents are against it...)

Chief had a lot of problems this weekend too, which he told
me during his pep talk (I went about 10 minutes in an IM
box without saying anything. If you know me, you know
that's reason to worry or reason to assume I'm asleep).
*sigh* Why do the NICE ones seem to have the most
problems?! That's not right!!! In the cosmic span of the
universe, it's ironic! Damnit, this is why I NEED TO BE IN
CHARGE! *flashes 'Nikkie for Almighty' stickers and
buttons*. Michelle is still having problems with her
neechan as well (I use neechan as Michelle and I could be
twins, we're so similar, right down to our choices in best
friends). Why cannot things just be GOOD?! ERGH! _