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2002-02-18 07:59:07 (UTC)

Michael and Susan

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday, and we actually
celebrated it a day early cause I wont be there
tomorrow, I have school. I was just thinking how lucky I
am to have such great parents. Everyone loves my
mom, I guess it is her southern hospitality that she sort
of exudes. Its wierd how she is always so nice to
everyone. Growing up with it I sort of take it for granted,
but I see it through how others react to her. Its hard to
think of her as being mad... she kinda just gets
annoyed at things and never see more than a sort of
spark of discontent in her eye when my sister or I push
her limits.

My dad is another sort of fellow. Growing up in the
south, it seems, made my dad into a typical strict, but
loveable fathers. I dont know why, but I just enjoy
pushing his buttons sometimes. For example: When
he asks me to drive carefull, and watch out for crazy
people on the road... I tell him that I am one of the
crazies, so people better watch out for me. That always
makes him cringe. I dont know why I do it... but its fun
sometimes, and he know's it is all in jest. =).

I decided to call this entry "Micahel and Susan"
because that is what my friends from Crespi call them
when talking to me... like, "how are Michael and Susan
doing"... I dunno, its funny.

I have alot of stuff I call my parents... Here is a nice list:
Mom, mama, yoma, mommy, mammy, moma-cita,
madre. Dad, daddy, pop, poppa, pap, old man,
popa-mia, padre, dada, dude, boy.

That list is pretty stupid but whatever... I just want to say
that I love my parents, and Im pretty sure they love me.
Dont ever change guys. =)

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