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2002-02-18 07:07:08 (UTC)

theres nothing left to discover, did i learn to walk too soon?

i am sooo sick of coughing all the time damn it. well
tonight was fun. claudia and i slept all day and then we
went around, got me hair dye, took caroline flowers at work
cus she was pissing me off earlier, like i was trying talk
to her about her shithead brother coming home at 4 in the
morning last night *4 IN THE MORNING* and how he lied to
them about who he was with and stuf and i was so mad, and
like last night she called me at 2:15 even though i told
her i would be sleeping, she called me then to tell me she
was on her way home and then today when im trying to talk
to her about how im upset that people have to be so stupid
about the same thing shes like "oh i didnt actually go home
until 3" and i was so mad at the concept that she would
even say that to me that i hung up and didnt pick up the
phone for an hour or two so later i felt bad, i was still
pissed but she was so concerned about it i was like
whatever so we took her flowers.. anyway. yeah im real
fucking over her little friends. like i'll hear her end of
the conversation and its obvious they're making little
comments which is remarkable since most of them have never
even met me, if she likes me so much, what is she telling
them thats so bad that they have passed this hideous
judgement on me when they've never even met me? whatever
its real fucking annoying and im over them.
claudia and i had lots of fun tonight we drove around and
laughed and ate the best ice cream in the world and we've
been just laughing and in a good mood all night and thats
nice. it was funny we were reading her diary and there was
an entry about me and she got all embarrassed cus it was
all like talking about me ad it was like i dont think you
know how much i care abut you or somthing like that and
haha shes trying to read this whatever it was real cute.
well we have to get up real early and try to leave without
my mom making us stay and fucking up our day so goodnight.