No, Im not a freak!
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2001-04-30 17:15:23 (UTC)

A day with a smile, at last....

For the first time in a long while, I smiled. In fact, I
think I laughed. For once, someone actually said something
decent. Whenever people talk to me, it seems bitchy, two-
faced and betraying. Is it just me? I don't know why, but a
lot of people think I'm some kind of cold-hearted cow with
too big dreams.
Is it wrong to have big dreams? Besides, I wouldn't even
call them dreams, but ideas for the future. For instance, I
once told a teacher that I had my heart set on studying law
in America and then go on to Barr school. He simply laughed
in my face and said I would never make it, no-matter how
hard I tried.
All my life it seems that people think I'm a failure.
When, I'm just a normal human person. I have dreams, I
smile, I cry, I love, and need to be loved. Yet, there's
always someone there to put you down. To kick you in the
back, even if you're at your lowest.

To be honest, I don't think that anyone should stop trying
to achieve their goals because a single person says you're
not worth it. And I don't believe that anyone's dreams are
too big, no-matter who you are.
So, I leave you with a quote from,
"The Bone Collector"

"Destiny is what you make it!"

But are dreams???