Reality Bites
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2002-02-18 06:34:11 (UTC)

I feel just like Buddy Holly

I love that song!! Weezer owns. Anyways...Mia came over
today and so did Dan tonite...Tim and Alyssa had a huge
fight and Tim blames me for it cause I'm friends w/
Dan...Omg, Im so done with all this!!

Friday Alissa, Dan, Lori and I went to the movies and saw
the new Britney Spears was "It's not terrible,
Not yet worth $8.50". Lori and Alyssa slept over, we didnt
go to sleep til 4:30, then I got up at 10 and they left and
I got my hair dyed which took like hours upon hours cause
we had to bleach it out and then put color into it then cut
it then style it.Then me and Carli went to a concert and
then to a party and then slept over her house. We went to
bed at like 4 tho also and I had to get up at 9 to be home
by 10 so i could get tutored and then Mia came over at 12
and stayed til 5 and then Dan came over at 6 along with the
rest of my family so there was like 30 of us at the dinner
table...a little overwhelming for Dan, but he handled it
beautiefully...and we're not even togheter! lol then me and
him watched a movie until like 11 and Im beat!!! I made him
leave finally cause i was falling asleep....I just am
waiting for the bathroom to free up cause my cousins are
over and I guess are gonna sleep in here too cause I have a
VCR and they wanna watch Traffic...I dont know why they
cant sleep at home lol, it's like 10 min. away...oh
well....I gotta go, lator Gator!

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