Like a book
2001-04-30 17:05:13 (UTC)

Unlike yesterday


Tomorrow's the Junior Maths Challenge, i'm dreading it like
I dread saag (a food made of spinich that makes me chuck.) i
know lizzie's going to get a gold in it and I wish I didn't
care but there's this bit of me that's just a tad
competitive. Why does she have to be good at everything,
can't she give me anything. School today wasn't that bad but
I know as exams make their way gradually forward, coming
closer to the present day, I'm going to have to revise,

**Just give me something, I'll take nothing**

I came home today to find a billion aunties all in our
living room, I don't dislike them it's just that I really
hate the way my mum play pass-the-parcell with my stories so
they can all say how good they think it is; it really annoys
me and I don't know why. I'm not particularly subconscience,
i mean look at my spellin, it's just when I KNOW them
personally it doesn't feel right.

Anyways, I should have my head in a book, bye.

**Life is like a box of chocolates, pity that I'm on a