Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-02-18 05:43:31 (UTC)

Finally its OVER!!!!

*Thanks God* The play is finally over! Wooohoo!... The sad
thing is I'm actually going to miss hanging out with some
of the cast members. Heh, hummm, what to talk about
first. Steve and I flirted all night, and heaven forbid
but he drove me to the cast party, just me and him! Whoa!
*Time Stops* And he was wearing gold sparkly boxers, heh.
I was amused. But one of his good traits, is he not only
has an earring, but has and can drive a motorcycle! Yeah!
Bonus points for him! Oh! At the cast party, it was me
and Steve sitting on the couch and the Doug (a random guy
that goes to my school) and I was talking to them about
cars *heh, it was amusing cause I know so very much about
cars :p*, and how the first dance I went to I was chased by
bats and ripped my skirt climbing a 7 foot fence :) But
anyways the point of me saying that was this other girl,
was really jealous, and as soon as I got up to leave she
went and took my seat, and then both Steve and Doug got up
and moved, it was hilarious! Its probably just me...
Anyway, enough of the play, onto the important things...
Last night's race, just wasn't the best. 125, was cool
cause Reed won again and Brown wasn't on the podium. But
250! *cries* Travis DNF and took the Rock out with him!
Grrr... And what makes it worse is RC won (no offense to
the Red Rider), at least Vuillemen made it on the podium
and still has the points lead... I just hope Travis can
hang in there without seriously hurting himself till Salt
Lake so I can see him race! Purely selfish, but yeah, I
don't care. Ok, I'll grudging move on now...
My nails are currently painted a dark blue which makes my
skin all the more pale, its cool tho. And I didn't go see
Carla's boyfriend's band, or go to the Alabama hockey game
last night! Damnation! But It do know that Alabama killed
Air Force with is awesome! 19 more days till I get my
license, hopefully anyway... Yeah! I can't wait! *jumps up
and down* Ok, well I'm tired and my brain hurts, so yeah...