Today. Tomorrow. Forever.
2002-02-18 05:43:22 (UTC)

I can't help it cause I like the abuse...

That song lyric has been in my head since you hung up. I
love you even when you hurt me Andy. I sit quietly as you
tell me you're leaving. I say nothing but "if it's what's
best for you all I can do is miss you." Why do you keep
fucking with my head? You 'have feelings for me but can't
do anything because of age' Then you act like I don't
exsist. When you call me back, you call me a dumbass and
stupid and other shit. You started as a joke, but then when
I told you I was hurting, you kicked it up another notch.
You didn't even apologize. And then you have the nerve to
say that it's okay to say that and hurt me like that
because you don't agree with what I did? Fuck alotta that.
Do you get off on seeing me reel with the hurt you cause?
Get the hell out of here. I trusted you. Why did I expect
you to be any different than the rest?