Dreaming in Color
2002-02-18 05:19:10 (UTC)

Okay...pools of duct-tape.

I can hardly believe I actually have my work in a
real show...who would have ever thought??? As a
freshman?? Life will never cease to amaze I
guess that nights spent in the studio on Saturday nights
instead of an eventual alcohol-induced picnic with the
toilet paid off---who'da thunk?
And besides parents are proud...I thought
I'd gotten over that whole need for their approval and
praise...maybe I have. But, dang, it's still great to get it
So does that make me the only truly happy college
student? Who's life is not angst ridden in the smallest
way? Who is seemingly having the best things simply
fall into her lap? (except for my headphones which I
stepped on earlier today...which broke only to be
repaired by duct tape that softened from being left on
the top of the computer monitor. Jillian said that
melted pools of duct tape would have made her
night. I said that I'd leave them there until the duct
tape did melt if she'd clean it out. They're currently on
my ears.) But broken headphones are a small price to
pay for peace of mind for everything in the world. Yay
Well, most people probably write in their "diaries"
when they're depressed, angry, or the steriotypical
angst-ridden. Me, I tend to sulk when I'm like that. Or
eat a lot of chocolate. Or read romance novels (yes, I
admit it....those really cheesy ones...a secret
vice...shhh, don't tell).
Victory doesn't come to those who wait for fate.

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