Why Me ?
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2002-02-18 05:02:24 (UTC)

Why Me God ?????

Today was the worst day of my life. My girlfriend that I
loved broke up with me. Go to [email protected] that is
her diary. I am Austin. She USED to talk good about me all
the time. This is February 17 so, she just broke up with me
today, and in today's entry she wrote that she like Kyle
and that she was going to figure things out, well, she did,
and she says it's just that she needs time to think. But
all of you guys know, and possibly some of you girls, when
a chick says "I just need time" it usually means there is
someone else, and in my case, I know it is true. I am not
bad mouthing Samantha if she or her friends or anyone else
for that matter reads this, I'm just merely stating my
feelings. I still, and always will love sam forever, but we
might not work out again. I know she says that we will, but
she could really like Kyle and forget all about me. I hope
not. But anything is possible. I wish we were still
together. I would give anything just to be with her still,
and to call her my own. I'm not poetic like she is, but I
state my feelings. This is my first entry, but, if you want
an interesting story go to the "[email protected]"
diary or try the diary name of "Stupid Life" it will be a
good story to flip between both of out diaries. I love her.
I miss her. I wish she was still mine. Maybe it will work
out, but I don't know. I will write back and tell you guys.

In Tears-n-More Coming


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