Drama Queen
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2002-02-18 04:59:18 (UTC)


I am not to sure that I am making the best choice
here... I have written Goober time and time again in the
last week being worried that if I didnt he wouldnt be
updated as to all the happened and he didnt write me back,
then he said that he would write me and he didnt... I have
decided that I am going to wait for him to write me back
to write him agian, maybe I am over loading him by
emailing him so much and that is why he hasnt written me
back. then again my friends might be right and I might be
imagineing it all. Still I cant help but feel that there
is something that he is keeping from me... like I said it
might just be me! He has next week off I guess we will see
how long it takes till he writes me... so far it has been
2 days... god I love him tough even if he doesnt write it
is ok, I just like to know what has been going on! oh well
I'll learn when he is ready!