2002-02-18 04:53:32 (UTC)

Some Good News :D

Awesome -- I'm quite happy tonight... I guess it's just the
peak of irony or whatever after the last entry I wrote but
I'm sorta seeing this really awesome guy now so I'm all
giggly and stuff all the time now ...
He's in my class at school so I've known him since January
and I liked him the first time I met him, but I was
sorta "with" the possesive guy at that time so nothing
happened at that time... then my friends and I went out on
Valentine's Day and he was there with his friends... and
things were pretty cool. We went out to meet him at his
friends at the bar on Friday (and he was really drunk so
that was not very cool at all... memories of the ex who was
drunk constantly came flooding back very quickly) but he
claims that's not a regular thing so I guess i'll give him
the benefit of the doubt on that. It was his friend's 18th
(he's a year younger than me! I'm robbing the cradle!) And
then on Saturday we went out alone to the Festival du
Voyageur and had maple syrup on a stick (it's really cool
for those who have no idea what the hell i'm talking about)
and we went to the casino and to the bar and stuff... I got
a kiss goodnight so that was enough to make me blush and
giggle for the next hour... I'm really pleased with things.
And he has a really awesome car too. That's pretty cool.
But like, I wouldn't just like him for his car or anything,
i'm not vain. It's kind of scary though cuz he likes to
race and while it's kind of fun... it's scary, I know too
many ppl who've died in car accidents so I get all freaked
out by it.
Overall, quite happy.