Online With Patrick D. McCormick
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2002-02-18 04:40:57 (UTC)

2/17/02 11:17:13 PM SUN NIGHT RADFORD VA

Its amazing the complete insanity that can form around
you. Yesterday it was warm, and I did not need a jacket.
I walked outside to visit the library again today and the
skies were seemingly clear. 5 minutes later I found myself
walking against the flow of wind as a blizzard of snow came
down, coating my clothes to an almost solid white.

At the library I did just about the same as yesterday
except today I kept my eyes mainly inside art journals on
the second floor [an entire floor of periodicals]. This
place could keep a person interested until the day he
dies. Most of the time, people who spend a lot time at the
library are considered bores. This is what I’d say to the
people who think this: “How many hours do you spend in one
day flipping through channels of bullshit to find nothing
that can inspire you?”

I wish I could empty my trash, but the trash room is
already filled. All of my fish tanks required maintenance
today, but for the third week in a row it will wait until
Mon [meaning I’m starting to clean them on Mondays, not
they haven’t been cleaning in 3 weeks]. Maybe I’ll just
forget Sunday maintenance and make it a Monday thing.

[***omitted material***]