my life (as told by me)
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2002-02-18 04:38:55 (UTC)


ok it's the 17th and everything in my life is like a blur
right now. certain things are clear but other things are
like shit. i am sick and tired of everyone pointing out
what i do wrong and how exactly i do it wrong. and i'm also
sick of everyone telling me what to do. i'm not getting
mad...more like sick and tired of it. and sooner or later,
it's all going to piss me off to a point where i will flip
out. and i'll say things that i'll regret. i think maybe
it's time i told my dad that we should move. it might be
nice to start over. make things right again. and get the
what bothers me most is when people start telling me things
about me that arent true. they dont bother to ask, just
assume. it's my life and i'm gonna run it the way i want
to. i think that maybe when i get my license and get a car,
i'm gonna give street racing a shot. i dunno why but it
looks really fun and it's daring and dangerous, which is my
kind of life style. and i realized today that i live for
speed. i may be a cautious driver, but the speed....i just
love the rush of knowing how fast i'm going. it's just one
of those things that i love. and another
thing....relationships suck. literally. i may be happy
right now, but they just suck cuz they dont last forever.
sure they may last for a while, but i mean, a lot of us are
gonna be searching for that perfect person the rest of our
lives. i have yet to find him. and i'm sure it will be a
while before i do. and i'm sure some people think they've
found that person....but it's like dream on cuz you never
know who you will meet tomorrow. with each and every new
day comes a new challenge for us to face. something that we
have to go into with our heads held high and a smile on our
face, no matter how shitty the situation is. and no matter
how much anyone thinks they're life sucks, let me tell you.
life is a wonderful thing. and our lives are precious. if
they arent lived to their fullest, it was a waste. and some
people have their heads so far up their ass, they dont
realize it. i think i'm gonna go finish my book that i
started. and maybe if it ever gets published....some
people's lives will be changed greatly. i know mine
has....thanks to every little experience i've faced. and
i'm glad i've faced what i have because i've learned from
them. and honestly, i'm ready for whatever comes next. with
my head held high and a smile on my face.