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2002-02-18 01:35:22 (UTC)

Mel - Saturday Night to Sunday night

Saturday night to Sunday the summertime had ended. When time
became midnight was time to set to eleventh hour of Saturday
night. I followed my friend Mel. I made somethings not only
words. Each time I was defeating false friends and maybe
enemies from her with smart phrases and words in right time.
I was noticing she remained my friend. And somehow she is
giving a time for herself. I tried to defend background
people from outside street too. It was an example of what
is good and what is not. I think they did not undertand it
that night. Maybe some tomorrow.
Sunday I followed Mel where she went with her new friends.
I was only minding Mel. Sunday night she was with other
people. I think they are not friends. Friendship is a better
thing than have name known. Althought all toughs tried to
make me apart of her or guile her. I was so sword with words
and a strong standing that I could show me as I really was.
Not that better thing but worked. I did not show fear
because I had not. I was not with winter clothes in a windy
summer night. Even every people was feeling the cold me not.
Maybe she did not too. I was beside Mel when she was showing
she was not wanting that people anymore. I have advantage of
most people really do not know me. They only could hear the
lies or rumours. Few people knew my legend. I am in my home
town for almost two decades. And I was ever myself. I saw
generations past and less people marked their footsteps so
long in memory or stories. All tough people will be passed.
Only friends will remain. Mel and Carol who helped me to
learn how to love myself. And Love her.
Tomorrow I am in paradise. Making my day better with my