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2001-04-30 13:45:31 (UTC)

YEAH...i'm still alive and here... i am..its monday..boring..but luckily i have
only 2 dyas until i wil be out of this school for like 4
days..our choir will come back at like..hmm...12 at
night..sunday//it'll be is so
boring.hhaha..get this i am having a hard time..passing
DRIVERS ED..that really sux..believe me..ahahahaa..OH i am suppose to go to jakes game tonite..well
actually the varsity game is first.then after thatis jakes
game..yeah yeah yeah..ahha.oh well..steimel is suppose to
be at school today.but i have no clue where sheis..probably
late ..or something..her ass better show up here though..or
i am gonna get mad at her..i toldher to get offline
lastnight.but she didnt listen to me...but hey that is
steimel for yeah...GRREEATTT..she si suppose to meet like 3
guys tonite...she is kinda frustrated by
me..cause..hhahaha.i am trying to hook her up with one of
jakes friends..and she still likes jason...i think she is
gonna stay with jason.FOR SOME ODD REASON..i have no clue
but she must really like him.cause there are alot of guys
that liek her..but she wants him..?
i get that...sorta..?
yeah..cleve is suppose to be ther tonite too..?
hahaa..i cant blieve hes only a sophmore that is funny
he acts like he is a senior.? mom must be trusting me alot lately cause she
lets me actually go out with jake all the time..?..i think
he trust him more than trust me which is pretty
least i think so..?
hahaha.notto good for me.!!!!..but lastnight.liek i wrote
earlier.she let me like go over tohis house for like 3 ..or
4 hours..?
haha..hsi parents are really not to strict..we sat in jakes
room for lihose three hours by ourselves.adn i dont think
his parents checked on us once..?
WHOOOOOO..hahahaha..he told me though that his parents
trust him....which kind of a
advantage..LOL..hahahahahahahhahahaha o wellsey..well i
better get going cause the guys in my class are sitting
here..being ass'
haha...griping about how the keys aremaking noise.wle they
can kiss my ass..hahahaa..but i really dont have anythign
else to say so i better get going...later..

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