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2001-04-30 13:40:20 (UTC)

And in case you're wondering, thats a face

We are going to New York in 5 days. Notice, I keep saying
New York, and never Washington DC. Well, honestly, it is
hard to get excited about Washington, but New York is all
thats on my mind. I am completely prepared for the trip,
however, with not only the expense of the trip ($1000) plus
the expense of my crap for the trip (which probably cost me
$500 to get it all, seriously) My poor mother is pretty
much out of house and home. Even though I am rooming with
Jade the bitch, I am in high spirits about the trip. My
main goal is not to let her bug me---this WHOLE week, that
way, on the trip she wont bug me at all. So, I am getting
better, but we'll just have to see. I hope it is a fun trip
and I keep on telling myself that it will be, but I know
that it is up to me whether or not I let Jade bug me. So, I
will try hard. I am armed with my only two friends going on
the trip, Liana and Leigh, and my camera, which I will use
to take hundreds of pictures while I am being ignored. So
there you have it, the story of my life. I hope you liked
it. But wait, I have more to say:::I cannot wait until high
school. It is going to be wonderful!!!!!!! No Jade, Leigh,
Popular Girls, but I will have all my friends back!!!!!!
All my good friends, Terry, Sharon, Hilary, Jessica, Emmy,
and Kristen, Laura, etc, etc, etc. I wish Paige hadnt moved
to North Carolina, I miss her so. She was going to the
magnet, also, and I just wish she could have been here,
because Paige is the only truly decent person I have ever
known. Paige did not pretend to be perfect, or act like her
life was horrible. Paige had fun with anythign and
everything, and lived life with vigor and energy, and a
positive outlook. She had many many many flaws, but she
shouted them out loud, praised them, and then nurtured
them, until they healed. She was warm, compassionate, and I
miss being her best friend. I realized, that you can have
more than one best friend, but it doesnt really mean you
are best friends. Paige has always been my best friend, but
now shes gone, and I doubt she thinks of me that often. I
doubt that she even thinks of us as best friends, and I
doubt that she needs another best friend, because, she has
so many.
Okay, enough drama crap. Now!!!!!!!!!! I have to go read a
diary with problems far worse than mine. I hope I have been
in high spirits the last few days, I feel a lot more
positive since the discovery of this particular diary.
Goodbye!!!!!!! Love, Lily (^^)