ramblings of a madwoman
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2002-02-18 03:40:11 (UTC)

awake and dreaming...

i thought for the longest time that everything that i feel
passionate about made me into one of the world's biggest
nerds. then i met the techbc RPG club and i felt a little
better about myself. :)

however, i still was so sure that my weakness for Buffy the
Vampire Slayer, Anne Rice novels and other things
pertaining to vampires made me a hardcore outsider. I
thought i was a nerd. how wrong i was.

whilst persusing the internet today, i discovered a ring of
fan fiction for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
I cringed.
I found that all of the writers were aged 16-32.
I shuddered.
I realized that almost half of the stories were
marked "Erotic".
I vomited on my socks.
well, not quite.

when someone turns a children's show into erotic
fanfiction, all the synapses CANNOT be firing properly. I
mean, that's just wrong. and icky. and... ew ew ew ew.

I don't think enough people read my personal website. even
my friends tend to ignore it. except tianna. yes, i see you
reading this right now, you little asian dumpling, you. BOO!

Anyways, onto real life now. The Cactus Club still has not
phoned me back and quite frankly i'm starting to worry that
i won't get the job. i'm feeling quite severely jerked
around right now. they basically told me in the interviews
that i had a great chance and now... zip. gragh.

School is as it ever was. 3 classes that are no-brainers,
one class that i cannot get for the life of me. Math for
this semester. it makes my eyes bleed. i want it to go
away. Creative writing is cool though, my teacher is very
much insane. she talks to teddy bears and insists that they
talk back. ah well, it's quite refreshing, albeit weird.

And it's that time of year again, when young men and womens
thoughts turn to... that's right, Adamstock. It'll be
version 3.0 this year and i've volunteered my services to
be one of the "people on the inside" i'm hoping i won't let
the good people of Mecha Messiah down. (especially the bass
player, DAMN he has a hot ass.) right now the main concern
is getting the music teacher to allow it to take place in
the school auditorium. oh phil, my dear, won't you let us
rock? :)

that's all for now.

song: finger eleven-swallowtail

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