I Live My Life by the Moon
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2002-02-18 03:38:57 (UTC)

Oh, What a beautiful feeling!

I thought today was going to turn out bad, but, oh, was I
wrong. I went to the city to look for prom dresses. Nothing
found, but my dad told me to get off a BART stop that
doesn't exist. I went to the bad part of town, looked
around, got back on the train, and went to Powell. There I
found the San Francisco Shopping Center, which was just
beautiful. I had never been there before, but it was fairly
easy to navigate.

Anyway, I came home and hung out for a little bit, and
while I was studying for the SAT's I heard the doorbell. I
thought it was Charlie, so I ignored it. I heard my dad's
footsteps and he opened my door. "The most perfect boy in
the world is here." At first, I didn't know who he was
talking about. But then I figured, it was Jack! Oh... my...
God... He needed me to drive him to Shell's house, but
that's besides the point: Jack came to MY house! AHHHH! It
was amazing. He had biked all over town, and he needed a
ride to Shell's and he needed one quick, so he biked from
Orchard to my house (about a mile) and showed up all sweaty
and just yummy. He was wearing a black cut-off shirt, which
was amazing, might I add, and sunglasses. I was so
surprised, but... It was just fabulous.

So we hooked up the bike rack to my car, and I drove him to
Orchard, where we picked up Broc, and then drove them both
to Shell's. But, JACK CAME TO MY HOUSE! Even if I don't go
to the movies with them tonight, I am one very happy bunny.

I guess that's all for now,