a rop through my mind....
2002-02-18 03:04:27 (UTC)

yet another day gone by......

well....yet another weekend gone.....

what does it mean when you spend saturday night playing
star wars monopoly and doing homework at a frat house? mom came out visit :) she met the boy (gabe)
and it went well (or at least that's how i saw it....), having lunch
with her tomorrow :)

it's funny how fast weekends go by, i mean, one minute it's friday
night, the next, it's sunday late afternoon. and i have classes
tomorrow, rpi gets it off but do we? no :( *pout*

on a happier note: RALLY KICKOFF IS THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!! this
one is ours, the year of the 'shoe, gold takes it!!! (rally is
kinda like winter carnival, the classes compeate, freshmen know
nothing going in, we get no sleep for 2 and a half weeks and wash
lots of can, it's GREAT, and no, i'm not scarcastic!!) can't
wait....and i have my sweater for the whole thing this year!!!!
(muahaha!!), though i dont' have time for room trashing, but that's sweater hiding this year, i can wear it!! (and unless you're
from sage, this makes no sense, sorry, ask through the usual chanels
of comunication if you want me to explain) in other sage news: 262
days, i want my sage ring NOW!

*sigh*.......funny how life goes along isn't it?

oh, still searching for "whiteboard on a roll" aka basically a poster
sized (or preferably bigger) piece of laminated white paper that i
can use like a dry-erase board so i can do math in my room (ok, i'm a
nerd :P) let me know if you can find it, cuz i want it :)

i guess that'd be all for now.....