a little piece of me
2002-02-18 02:55:21 (UTC)


alright, so i was working along today in the metals shop
when i had a heart attack. ok, so not a literal one, but
still. steph was looking for jillian and saw me in the
shop when she walked by. i had my headphones on and was
sawing away, oblivious to the world, when i saw her out of
the corner of my eye. i must have jumped a mile! it was
funny. took me about 10 minutes to calm down lol. i think
i should talk about steph for a minute or two. last night,
when i got back, there was a message on my answering
machine from her. she invited me over to dinner. she does
this every time she cooks, and i usually go (just to be
polite--it doesn't happen very often). anyway, i met her
freshman year, and i must say i couldn't stand her for the
longest time. i've come to realize she's a really good
person. she can get on my nerves every now and then, but
ya know, i really like her. she helped me with my bug
collection, she's always swapping books with me, and
inviting me to do things. although we don't talk very
much, we get along pretty well.

anyway, i worked on metals for four hours today. i got one
whole web cut out and filed, and half the other cut out. i
broke all my blades, so i had to quit. otherwise, i would
probably still be there. it was so nice. i was listening
to rammstein, tool, system of a down, american head charge,
and all kinds of wonderful music. i was totally deaf by
the time i left the building. i really love working over
there. i can lose myself in my work. it's great. keeps
me from thinking too much. gives me something to focus
on. i have to sand the one side tonight. i also have to
call heather in about five minutes! doh!

alright, i 'spose that's all again. don't know if i'll be
around much tomorrow...i haven't done my reading for my
night class yet, and i have to work on metals every spare
minute. so, until next time, adieu.