No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-02-18 01:34:17 (UTC)

who needs titles?

hey! well, a lot has happened over the past couple days.
lets start with my father.
dad is weird, I mean un-usually weird. something happened,
whether it is a mid life crisis, or he snapped, I'm not
quite sure. He wont give nay straight answers, all frekaing
riddles. I mean come on! Also, he is up to something and
won't admit it. Mom called him after we recieved a letter
from the morgage company stating he had requested loan information.
(WTF is he messing with OUR house for? That's what I want
to know. ) Well, he hung up on mom and I called him back.
First, he didn't know who it was. That made me kinda angry.
Then he told me he doesn't need to explain himself to
anyone, he doesn't need to justify his actions and he
doesn't care what I or anyone else has to say. Then, he
hung up on me. All I have to say dad, is if you want a
relationship with me, you better treat me like your
daughter, not your dog. I don't know what is going on in
your head, but I suggest you get yourself together before
talking to me again. I am mad at you.
Next, Jessica and Nick. Ok, they broke up like what, 3-4
weeks ago? (sorry if I got it wrong guys, I'm not sure) and
Jessica is still completly in love with him. SHE NEEDS TO
LET GO!, but that's besides the point. Jess got him a dog
tag for Valentines Day, which he has wanted for a long
time. The next day he shows up at school with roses, and I
figured they were for Jess. Jess thought they were also for
her but she was completely wrong, he got them for a friend and she
was hurt. It's odd. JESSICA, I LOVE YOU BUT GET OVER NICK. I dont
want to see you hurt yourself more than you have. There are so many
guys, don't let one drag you don't. He's not worth your future. (I'm
not saying your worthless, Nick.)
Military Ball, that was fun. I danced to \"I Swear\" with
this hott guy, Hicks, from Bartow. It's one of those you'll
see him one night, maybe at another JROTC thing but after
that you'll never see him. I was talking to Matt on the phone the
other day and he's like

\"...I'll pick you up a date course form, we have them every
\"Wait, why dont I have Andy do it? He sees you more than I

that's not true. Matt came over one weekend, 2 weeks later
him and Josh came over, which started some stuff. Like 2
weeks after that, Andy came over. Who do I see more?

Don't take that wrong if you read this Andy, which I'm positive you
don't cuz you don't know about this diary or web site.
Well, I'm going to let you guys go.

Quote: (I'm going to start putting quotes in my entries)
\"If I could come back in life as anything I would want
to be one of your tears. What more could I want then to be
concieved in your heart, born in your eye, live on your
cheeks, and die on your lips?\"

If anyone wants to know, my e-mail is
[email protected] and my AOL Instant Messenger,
Yahoo, and MSN screen names are all redstarfish2.


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