victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
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2002-02-18 00:43:23 (UTC)


he obviously doesn't need me anymore
he had everyone he needed right there with him
that saturday night
except me
i have nothing to offer that he doesn't already have
thus, he doesn't need me
he wonders why i'm still upset and hurting
not only that, i'm grieving too
over the loss of my loved one
because he may as well be dead
(he cares that much about me)
he wonders why all i can do is look at him and cry
oh lord i'm crying even now
and black tears fall on my hands
and nobody cares, especially him,
about another troubled girl
that cries alone in her room every night
behind the privacy of locked doors and blocked hearts
i need him; he doesn't need me
that hurts like a fatal wound
that's slowly killing me, but i'm not quite dead yet
oh no; that would be too sweet
he's "deeply troubled", my ass
he sounded perfectly fine a few seconds ago
he doesn't give a shit and just pretends that
everything's allright
well it may be for him but no, not for me tonight
i wish he would just care enough to do something
like hug me and say let's put this past us
but he doesn't even care enough to try
and just wonders clueless as to why
i still cry in my bed underneath the covers at night
i think of girls who have people
who they care about care about them too
and i wish i was one of them
i cry every minute that goes by when you don't even try
i weep even in my sleep at the promises you can't keep
my head hurts from all this crying but my heart hurts more
and still you don't even care
losing a best friend is worse than losing a boyfriend
because those come and go,
but friends are supposed to be forever
if you lose that friend, then who are you
supposed to turn to?
and black tears fall on my hands
and black tears fall on my hands

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