ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-02-18 00:27:50 (UTC)

SevEn DaYz

HEyyyyyyyyy, today has been a pretty cool day.
This morning at like 1:00 Chris came over and stayed till
like 4:30 and stuff. We had sex and then we fell asleep
in eachother's arms. sooo sweet...... I love him so
much. Then my mom woke me up at like 9:30 and told me to
get ready for church. I was like fuck... too tired.....
but we all took our sweet-ass times getting ready so we
were late so we went out to eat at CrakerBarrel. Then my
dad took me to Fryz and bought me an adapter for my
Playstation and he bought me Crash Bandicoot Warped.. he
he ... and he bought me Teken 3 like last weekend so it was
pretty cool.

Welllll Christopher just called me so im
gonna get ready and go over to his house for awhile (his
parents went to The Renassience Festival) so ya, they'll be
gone for awhile. well, later.