nothin left to say
2002-02-17 23:03:39 (UTC)

burnt out

hey everybody,
its been a long week, i dunno what to say. i can't say im
glad its the weekend, because i'm home w/my disfunctional
family and i have a few english stories i gotta write. im
just so mentally exhausted i can't write these forcefed
assignments that my school gives us. i thought this
weekend would help me relax, but it hasnt happened so far.
my parents keep on harrasing me about my class rank and
how i won't get into a good school because I'm not in the
top 10 in my class. im ranked 37th out of 314 kids. it
could be better if i studied harder, but I have to balance
my school work with my baseball and my social life. not
that i have that much of a social life, but it's good for
the soul to be happy, u know? lol i prolly sound like a
freakin retard. its all good. i dunno. i have the rest of
today and tommorow to get myself together. allright, dinner