The Life & Times of Alison
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2002-02-17 21:07:34 (UTC)

Cabaret, gay men and Me.

Yes, so Cabaret is over, Im sad. It was an awesome show! So
my friend Bob took me over to the cast party at Phi Mu
Alpha... I had a great time hanging out with everyone...
which brings me to the gay men. Well not all gay, some bi,
but ya know. So yes... almost all the guys I know, like
other guys... its cool, but it also means that I have
trouble finding myself a man...

Oh so, Im kicked out of my room tonite, cos my roomie is
bringing a boy home... lol... interesting..


Alison's list of the guys she ends up liking which she

-gay men
-taken men
-men who are too far away
-psycho nutso men

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