The lost little girl
2002-02-17 20:19:06 (UTC)


last night i slept at jimmie's with kate and craig...omg am
i tired beyond all belief.for a while it was me, kate,
jimmie, jeff, james, nate, chris,& craig. nothing spec..just
sitting around and playing bones.
nate kept picking on me cuz i would sit there and stare at
james. Hey i don't know how i could help myself. James is
beautiful and a very good friend...and it's funny when he
locks eyes with you cuz he's so cute.
" i don't want my dishwasher talking" - james while i was on
the phone with nate from kate's house.

" (laughing)...i..don't...know..what...i
...thought...was...funny...!!!"- me to nate

--}"where's my food?" - jeff
"um..in the kitchen..where most normal people store
food?!?"- me *{--

" omg jane you know you want some" - kate ( referring to

" hey kate, do you remember the cat bothering you
" huh? cat?"- kate
" yeah you were laying there and the cat climbed up on the
chair and you looked RIGHT AT IT..and you said " hi kitty"
and then it started to sniff your head and you got all
freaked!you don't remeber?"- me
" no..and i'm kinda glad i don't that's really freaky!"-