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2001-04-30 03:02:59 (UTC)

Here i am..FINALLY...

well today has been great...first of all this wekeend has
been going alright..i saw one of my olod ex's at this
church convention i had all weekend in was
alright..i mean ....he actually intiated a conversation
with was pretty shocked..he said that he is
gonna be going to V.U for colllege this ..i
will be seeing him all summer..GGRREEEATTT.and tha tis anyways..that is what i have
been doing this wekeend..i just got home not ot long
ago..form jakes boy really likes me..but i
dunno if i like him..or what..i mean a part of me does..but
i dunno whether or not to take it further than that
what..i dunno if i want that kinda committment..?
who knows..?
i dunno what i want to happen..?
hard telling..?
tomorrow is schol.but luckily i only get to
go ..monday..tuesday..adn wednesday..cause of the choir
trip that is coming up for schoool..we get to go to Virgina
Beach..which that will be AWESOME..mayeb thge virgina boys
will be hott..? can tell that i got boys on the brain.wel i
better go...
and if ur reading this andrea...HEY PINKYhahahaha..
wellbetter go...later all..

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