Mysterious Attitude
2002-02-17 18:27:24 (UTC)

Thursay Feb. 14-Sunday Feb. 17,2002

*Time: 12:00 p.m.
*Wearing: old 2Pac shirt and blue velvet pj pants
*Jewelry: tha usual
*Hair: messed up
*Listenin to : Random songs
*Eating/Drinkin: nutthin
*Song of the day : Let's Get Married- Jagged Edge
*Weather: basically sunny and sorta cold
*Talking to : Alexander
*Mood: eh ... roller coaster much?
*Later: Talk on tha phone, write Amanda back, and maybe to
go Lydia's house
*Money Count: 50 cents lol
*Current Desktop: It's a black,brown, and white Ja Rule one
*Fact: I've been BI-curious since I was 9!
*Thinking: Hehe I wonder if I will see Lydia today...


Well, Thursday was Valentine's Day. It was quite boring
for me really until Lydia dropped off a gray and white
teddy bear holding a heart that says "Friends Forever" and
a candy rose at my school! They called me down second hour
to get it and I was nearly in tears :) One of my friends
Emily, gave me a card so I was happy lol. When I got home
from school I went with my mom shopping. We went to Dots
and I got this:

1 pair of jeans that are faded and have black furry stuff
at tha bottoms of them
1 pair of jeans that have sumthin like cowboy
prints/strings on them
1 black shirt with a slit I guess it is called on tha top
that says I Wanna Be Bad in big silver letters.
1 black shirt that has a slit on tha front so it looks like
to shirts lol
1 black shirt with a lot of studs on it and a rose in tha

My mom also got Erica a pair of jeans and this red and
black shirt that says Warning High Maintenance (I have tha
same shirt)

Eh ... then I came home and was bored tha rest of tha day


Eh ... my Friday started off bad until Adrian gave me a
late v-day card that he made for me!!! It was sooooooo
cute! During second hour I wrote him a letter tellin him
thanks and gave him my phone number and shit lol. Hehe he
is sooooooooooooo sweet!!! He literally made my day! Eh ...
but tha rest of tha day anyone that found out that he gave
me a card kept telling me that he liked me cuz he didn't
give anyone else a card. lol So... hehe I dunno

When I got home from school, my Mom, me, and Terri went to
Walmart. So I brought Adrian this real working pen that has
a mini etch a sketch on it as well as a sketch book. I hope
he likes it ... guys are soooo hard to buy for lol.

After we dropped Terri off at home my mom and I went by
Erica's house. I asked her if she wanted to come over so
she got ready and came back to my house. I gave her tha
teddy bear I got her and tha clothes my mom got her. Hehe I
think he liked tha bear betta cuz she was holding and shit.
Anywho we just hung out until like 9 and she had to go home.
She called me when she got home and we talked until
Midnight then we both got off tha phone and went to sleep.


Eh... I wrote up to tha sound of my pager and Erica's
voice lol. It was sorta late but hell it was early to me
lol. My day started off bad tho cuz of my mother but it got
betta I guess. When my mom started yellin and stuff I found
out that Sam had been trying to call me. I tried to call
him back but tha number wouldn't go thru. So I called Lydia
to see when I could go by her house or sumthin and she told
me that I could on Sunday. (By then I had got almost
totally ready)

Anywho... I met Erica by tha park and we went to her
aunt's house. We chilled over there for a lil bit,watchin
her cousin's kids (which may I add are soooooo cute!!), and
just talking to her different family members. At one point
all tha adults had left tha house so me and Erica went to a
local Mexican candy store. On our way back we almost got
hit by a damn po po (aka cop) grrrrr... I hate fuckin po
pos. We also saw Ino (This cute boy from my school). What
does Erica do ... she yells his name and he kept looking at
us until we got out of his sight. We then headed back to
her aunts house ... hung out for a lil while longer then
went outside and waited for like an hour for my Mom to

My Mom came and we headed by tha gas station to drop sum
food off to Terri and Mike. Hehe I finally got to see him.
He is sooo cute but he smokes weed :( But still... he is
hott lol.

We then went back to our house and hung out there until 9.
Oh yea my Mom told me that Sam called again and she talked
to him. He got tha tickets!!! Anywho I got online to talk
to him and he called me. I talked to him for a lil bit and
then let Erica go online so she could ask her Mom if she
could either stay tha night or stay over our house late.
They let her stay late. :)

Anywho at 9 my mom, Erica, and I went back to tha gas
station. I was sooooo bored and so was Erica but it was all
good cuz we got to see Mike for like 2 hours lol. My mom
told him he could go home early tho... but he came back
down there twice ... eh by that time he had got high and
had tha freaking joint with him! Which was such a turn off!

After my Mom got done with all tha stuff she had to do,
she dropped Terri off at home. As we were taking Erica home
we saw sum peeps in a car wreak. Me and Erica thought we
saw her cousin but we ain't quite sure if it was him or not
lol. We took Erica home and at like 12am-1am me and her
were talkin on tha phone. Then I got online and went to bed
and here I am! lol


All I have really done today is talk on tha phone with
Erica and watch this movie bout gay guys lol. Eh... I'm
bout to give Jack and Lydia a ring-a-ding so I'll catch u
l8er bye bye 4 now

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