a little piece of me
2002-02-17 18:04:33 (UTC)

the birds

boy, was yesterday a trip. birdwise anyway. so, i figured
out why the girls were being such bitches to the new little
boy. there were eggs in their nest. 13 of them to be
exact. i was a little confused at first. i mean, they're
both supposed to be girls. well, i found out that finches
will lay lots and lots of unfertilized eggs. the pet store
lady said to just remove them. well, i did. so i went to
the pet store to get another boy so that there would be two
boys and two girls. i get back, put him back in the cage
with the girls, then put the new one in. turns out, it was
another girl. so now i have 3 girls and a boy. hehe he's
pretty happy...now that there are no eggs in there,
everyone gets along wonderfully lol.

anyway, my mom and granny finally left yesterday. i like
my grandma (love her actually), but it's just a pain to be
around her all the time. see, both my mom and my grandma
quit smoking. today will be 6 days for both (don't say
anything to matthew, heather...he didn't know they
smoked). anyway, my mom quit cold turkey, and my granny
went on the patches. mom was doing great, but granny was
fairly bitchy. one of her patches fell off, and she was in
a pretty bad mood about that. glad they came, but glad
they're gone, too lol.

after they left yesterday, i went over to the metals shop
and worked for almost four hours. doesn't seem like i got
a damn thing done, either. jessie went and kinda messed
around. i sorta wish i hadn't told her i was going over,
cause i felt pressured to leave. i would have stayed a lot
longer, but she was getting bored. anyway, we left and
rented a movie...soylent green. i'd always wanted to see
it, so finally got it. it wasn't anything spectacular.
mostly because i already knew what was going to happen. i
got back home around 10:30 and went straight to bed. how
sad is that??? here it is noon, and i've been up for about
20 minutes. i'm such a bum! i'm going back to metals shop
here in a few, and i'm going to work all damn day. i got
some new headphones, some nice and loud ones, so i'll throw
in a good cd and crank em up. hehe, got lots and lots of
batteries (learned my lesson, scott!) lol.

alright, so that's it. i better get my ass over there and
get to work. take care everyone. i'll talk to you later
heather :) hope you're doing ok. scott, hope you had a
good weekend.