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2002-02-17 15:08:00 (UTC)


Goodness, I have a little bit of time to hit this thang up
before I go to work. Man, I have to work 11-9. It's cool
though because nothing else is going on around here. We
don't have school tomorrow, but I gotta work 11-5. Anyway,
the past couple of days haven't been what I thought they
would be. Okay, Valentine's Day was okay. I did get a few
things. I went to the games that nite. Man, I got my
money's worth because all the games were pretty good. The
last game I watched was good because it was Carver. Daryl
wasn't there though. He got suspended some games. I found a
boy to hook Dee up with. His name is Kevin. He was a cutie.
During the whole game, I was talking to him. I asked him
where Daryl was and he said outside. So me being the person
that I am.....I went looking for him. He was there!!! He
had is hair unbraided. He was looking so good. Well to make
this long story short.......I didn't get to spend that much
time with him because I chose to do other things, which
weren't worth it. The TAPS party was lame to death. They
ended it early. I should have stayed to the games and seen
Daryl. Last nite, they lost....so I didn't speak to him. I
have this rule.....when a boy's team doesn't win the game,
don't try to talk to him. I deal with a lot of athletes and
I know dudes can be a different person when their team
didn't win. So, I didn't talk to him last nite. They left
right after their game. It made me kind of sad :( But
when I got home last nite, me and Dee called him....not
knowing if he would be there yet. It is 3 hours away. Well,
he was home. I talked to him for a little while. He has
that same charm that Kellen has. See, I don't want to push
myself on him or anything. I want to call him today. I
would make the first move of going down there to see him.
Really! I'm just curious to see what will happen. Well, I
gotta start getting ready for work, so I better go. HOlla

YOU KNOW!....Jocelyn