emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-02-17 14:26:47 (UTC)


i dont know why im so stressed out. things are just getting
to me. i dont know what exactly, but..im not happy. people
upset me. by doing nothing. i dont know whats going on. grr.

yesterday was fun. i had the worst headache but...i had fun

i was so tired last nite. as soon as i walked in my house,
i went to bed. and i dont think im gonna go to church today.

and i dont have school tomorrow! yipee.

and i want a boyfriend. i do. idont care what ya say mike
or bellotti...i dont play games with guys or lead them on!
i just really want one...ya know? someone who understands
me completely and i can talk to and be happy with...and i
like adam and all but the age thing is such a problem. and
theres no way around that. i feel so weird about it. maybe
if i was 18 or 19 it would be different. for now, i would
like someone closer in age..things just work better like
that. and there are no guys. seriously. none. granby has
no one and besides theres zero guys out here in norfolk
that like punk or emo and go to shows and ya know im not
trying to be picky here but thats kinda the type of guy id
like seeing as how those are things i like....and this is

and that reminds me..haha. last nite i was at nicoles, and
i was talking to andrew p. and i asked him if he knew
stephen and he was like "I HATE HIM!! HES GAY!! " and i was
like wow...and he went on to tel me that he punched him in
his face and how stephen was tryin to pouring like soda or
something on him....and he was like 'that guy is so gay'
and i was like hahah ''no he isnt" but i wasnt gonna tell
him that i had already asked him if he liked boys or girls
and umm....i was like 'he seems nice'' and andrew was
like 'thats because he probably wants head!!" and i was
laughing for a while....hahaha.

im hungry so im gonna eat breakfast now. later on-