My life through me
2001-04-30 00:50:58 (UTC)

Red Planet I always start my enties with ok. I don't really
know how to start them. The reason I titled this entry Red
Planet is because tonight I had some people over at my
house. I had my friends Nikki, Tony, Julie, Matt, and Brian
over. And as you know if you read my last entry that I like
Tony SO much. But now Julie is going out with him. And as I
said before I knew that she wouldn't give any thought to me
liking him before she said yes to him. I don't REALLY care
that they are going out but I do care a little but I just
want him to be happy. But it is just so incredibly hard.
But the thing that REALLy bothers me is that she likes him
and is going out with him but like today I find out that
she likes someone else and doesn't even want to be going
out with him anymore! That totally kills me! You don't even
understand. And I sorta got mad at her for going out with
him when she knew that I liked him becuase she didn't talk
to me at all. Then when someone asked her why she didn't
even care that I liked him she replied "it's not like she's
never done that to me." so I called her and asked her who I
did that to her with and she said Chris and Dan. When I
went out with Chris almost 2 years ago she had a boyfriend!
So I don't know what that's about. And Dan she went out
with Eric less then 5 minutes after I started going out
with Dan. So she couln't have cared about it too much. But
the whole reason I titled this Red Planet was because that
was the movie that we watched. During the movie Julie and
Tony sat on my loveseat and they were so far apart I don't
even think that it was like physically possible for them to
be that far apart on such a small couch. No joke. She
didn't say one word to him except for goodbye. Can you
believe that?! I talked to him the whole night because he
had no one else to talk to because he isn't friends with
the two other guys that came. Ugh! I can't stand watching
this hot guy that I like alot be treated like this by best
friend. And I just can't handle it and I don't know why I
even care so much about him. He is so funny and nice and
hot and he is so sweet. Especially to her. And in return
she treats him seriously like shit. This night was cool
because I got to talk to Tony alot but it totally sucked
because alot of what we talked about was Julie. And I am
just SO mad that I can't talk anymore this is jsut too much
for me to handle right now so I will go. So bye bye.

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