The JoZ

Opinions of the Once-Arrogant Asshole
2002-02-17 14:01:11 (UTC)


"Wait, another minute, can't you see what this pain, has
f*cking done to me? I'm alive, and still kicking, what you
see I can't see, and maybe, you'll think before you speak"
--Godsmack, "Awake"

How often are we hurt, crying out for love, only to find
that those around us are too blind to notice? Those who
cause pain are often oblivious to it, because they don't
see their actions as being hurtful. It only serves to
further ourselves into depression and denial as we fall
into a world of pain. Many a time goes by when people do
not bother to think before they speak, they simply say
what's on their mind, when it's on their mind, wherever
it's on their mind, regardless of the possible
ramifacations of their speech. They probably assume that
we'll "get over it" or something, not knowing just how much
damage they have really dealt, nor caring how much pain and
suffering they cause

"The JoZ"

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