the world acording to me.
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2001-04-30 00:22:12 (UTC)

o, maaan!

ok so i had my bff, liz, anothny, and myself at my house
doin' stuff. kevin was supposed to be there too but he
"couldn't make it". what the hell is that supposed to mean?
still waitin' for an online bf here. by the way when u read
this just email me something tellin' me wat ya think cause
this is pretty pathetic rite? whatever.

this guy anthony, who i told all of yall bout is getting
really annoying cause he wants me to see cruel intentions 1
and 2 and won't leave it be! hoe hum.

has ne1 seen josie and the pussycats the movie if so get in
touch with me. i love tha