De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2002-02-17 09:44:11 (UTC)

Homecoming (Chapter 3)

Sunday 17/02/02

Today is "homecoming" day for many of my friends in Weir
House... they're back in wellington!! woohooo!! i was so
surprised to see dai jian comin out of the room in
ABHouse!! hahahahaha...gave him a big hug : P...really
happy to see him again : )

oh yes, the gang's back!!! reid is back too, as the deputy
warden of A floor, pravindar is the deputy warden of B
floor..coolz... it's so great...ben has taken over my
previous room in AB house..he was so pleased as he has been
eyeing my room since last semester : P

the feeling is simply fantastic today, catchin up with all
the familiar faces after 4 months...yeah , it's amazing how
fast summer zoomed by...sheesh....the weather is great too,
bright and is just one of those days with a
happy vibe...

i helped ben to shift his stuff from my place to weir ...on
a trolley!! it was hilarious...we had to push the trolley
along the botanical garden in order to reach weir...and all
the tourists were starin at us...hahahah... we exchanged
friendly banter with some of em..nice.. : )

anson crashed at my place last nite too, we had crispy
chicken and rented some videos, luke swung by and we all
watched Evil Dead...really twisted and grossed-out horror
film,, but it's nice in a weird sort of way : P..then
watched some erotica ...heheh...but the storyline's so
corny that i fell asleep after an hour : P

more videos this afternoon...idle's alrite...seth
green is funny though ..

well summer can be said to be over already..the next phase
of my stay here has is goin to start
next week...which means i'll be home really soon...kindof
sad to think of it actually...but change is always good...
and kai is comin back next friday!!'ll be great
to see hijm again and catch up...ridzuan, huiwen, xiuxiu,
anson, shi chao, dai jian, kai, and all of'll be
fuckin happenin again!!