Queen Bee

2002-02-17 07:41:03 (UTC)


Jesus!! could i be more of a freakin tweaker. Last night
i was like tweakin cuz of somethin, and i was apparently
scaring the shit out of people and i really didnt mean to,
so sorry to the people out there who i scared. but anyways
yeah. God today emily was in top form, shes trying to prove
soemthing to herself and other people, that shes a "bad
ass" but she isnt and shes only doing it because she thinks
me and melly are "bad asses" which we really arent and even
if we were, can she BE her own self!! shes spending so much
time trying to be other people that she has no idea who she
is. shes trying to make people think shes a bad ass when
she really isnt, shes a fucking prep. I have no problem
with preps but if your a prep then act like one. yesterday
she was like "im a bad ass, you guys just apparently dont
really know me" no she isnt!!! we know her better than she
knows herself and shes not a "bad ass" she just thinks that
by acting this way people are going to pay more attention
to her but it hasnt worked yet and shes gonna end up losing
her best friends if she doenst quit with this new
found "attitude" of hers. Me and melly are the only 2
people that can stand her and we cant even do that lately.
what she needs to do is be herself and not me and mel. cuz
then and only then will she get the attention she wants but
by acting like something she isnt, the only thing thats
gonna happen is shes gonna lose her only 2 friends.