Peeking into the Fraggle Rockers Mind
2002-02-17 06:10:17 (UTC)

Phone Calls

Hi :)

So what do you do if your friend is taking too long buying
shoes?? Call her cell phone and start leaving messages on
it :) lol, so thats what I did today. Did some hw, read
some interesting stuff about writing your own book and just
relaxed. Was a lazy ass and didnt wake up til 12. Oh,
here's a funny story.
Dominoes Pizza man rings my doorbell before. "you order
pizza?" *me giving him a confused face*
"Pizza, I have lots of pizza for you"
"Sir I can see that, but that isnt mine." then he
goes "WHO'S IS IT!!" he tells me the was next
doors, DUH. too bad they didnt pre-pay, lol.

I think that was a highlight of this girls day, lol. OHHH
and the fact that my parents brought home Dunkin Donuts
which made me start dancing this stupid dance I made up.
Can I coin it the "donut dance?" LOL

Kick it out,